How to position a lost in time brand.

Clearly in late 2018 we can’t even discuss the impact and relevance that makes a solid brand to position a business. In this article we’ll show you what we did with Tempo and the challenging process of bringing a 50 year old established men’s clothing store to today’s world.

We understood that the client’s nonconformity and pursuit was all about the visual issue (a classic: “I don’t like our logo anymore”), but we detected a bigger issue: there wasn’t a clear concept to communicate to the market niche the brand was aiming, the millennials.

We gave it all by doing one of the things we love the most: an integral branding development. This was the process.

First things first: the visual redesign.

Our experience in the youth market drove us to generate a brand that visually presents itself in a different way to the target market. To achieve this, we generated a modern and minimalist logo, reinforced with a simple, geometric, bold and pregnant typography; and a solid, shocking and masculine color palette.


Applying the concept.

We had the perfect outfit, but we lacked swag: it was time to create a concept that the people would love.

The type of speech we chose had a motivating, attracting, rebel, cool and stimulating style, represented by a system of pictures showing men wearing cool outfits with prideful poses and daring gazes; with phrases like “bring out the best of you”.


Out with the old. Out, out.

The store was out of tune in regard to the way we were looking to connect the consumer, it lacked that “hunt of identification” we wanted. That’s why we decided to apply the same solid, masculine and motivating message to the physical space renovation.

The industrial style merged with the green and blue colors generated a masculine and strong environment that aimed to seduce the young and teenage public to stay at the store.

Keeping up social.

We focused on Facebook and Instagram. In the first one, we included content that could be consumed both from PC and mobile devices, focusing on promotions and offers, messages for specific events, and motivational phrases.

On Instagram we took advantage of its 100% mobile usability, so we generated a more conceptual, fully visual and clean space.

Mission accomplished

Through this branding process, we accomplished that a clothing store without identification from (and for) the consumer, made its way as a reference for the young and teen male public.

So Tempo went from only selling clothes, to represent an unique brand including a message of self-improvement, motivation and attitude for the millennial public.

Check the complete process by clicking here.


Editing and post-writing: Juampi Laco


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